The Care Collection has quality: – Care mattress density of 35 kg/m3 and 12 cm CMHR foam. – Care Plus mattress density of 40-45 kg/m and12 cm CMHR foam. – High Care mattress a density of 50-55 kg/m3 and bi-elastic cover and 12 cm CMHR foam For more details please download the brochure

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The COMFORT COLLECTION has mattresses of 10 cm fire retardant comfort foam and 4 cm visco-elastic foam: – Comfort mattress density of 60 kg/m3 with 4cm of visco-elastic memort foam and an elastic layer of 10 cm retardant polyuthane with a density of 45 kg/m3 – Comfort Plus mattress density of 80-85kg/m3 4cm of visco-elastic memort […]

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