Pacient monitoring

Avalon FM20-FM30 Fetal Monitor

• Touchscreen interface, built-in printer, TFT display • Internal memory for storing at least 7 hours of continuous monitoring • LAN / RS-232 interface, Dual MIB / RS-232, Flexible Nurse Call • Dimensions 286 x 134 x 335 mm, weight 5.3 kg • Measures uterine activity, fetal movements, maternal NBP (as an option) • Operates […]

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Defibrillator Efficia DFM100

Manual defibrillation and synchronization with cardio modes Pacing & AED modes 3-5 lead ECG monitoring SpO2 monitoring NiBP monitoring EtCO2 (external) Detection of arrhythmias and cardiac events Lithium-Ion Battery

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Efficia CM100, CM120, CM150 vital function monitors

The vital function monitors Efficia offer a platform of easy-to-use equipment through intuitive menu, where costs for service, training, acquisition are reduced. 10 “, 12”, 15 “Widescreen Touch-Screen for CM100, CM120, CM150; From 8 to 12 wave forms available depending on the model Internally stores trends for 10 days or 2 days for full-disclosure Non-modular […]

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IntelliVue MX450 Semi-Modular Vital Function Monitor

Portable Semi-Modular Monitor (MMS, X2, Extensions – Does not support FMS, single-parameter modules) Transport handle + battery Up to 6 waveforms (4 standard) 12 “wide-screen touch display with ambient light sensor LAN, DVI with 1 x USB port (max 4 USB) Up to 3 IBPs (2 standard) Weight 5.7 Kg (with MMS & battery) Optional […]

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Pagewriter TC10 ECG

• Acquisition of 12 derivations simultaneously • ECG format: 3×4, 3×4 3R, 3×4 1R, 3×4 IR plus ST Maps, 6 x 2 • PDF and XML formatted data • Order worklist (ADT, appointments, recommendations) – takes over automatically list your network via IBE or IBS from Philips systems or other manufacturers • Allows synchronization of […]

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